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台北租約套房-台北猪窝Taipei Pighome Short-Term & Long-Term Apartment (在台北轉運站,京站百貨公司裡面的短期和长期租約套房)*NEW 现已改为台北好栈 Taipei Pighome is now referred to as QTaipei

14 Apr

*NEW根据最新所知(04/09/2014),台北猪窝现已改为台北好栈,并已在半年前合法成立。由于房型还是一样,以下所提供的资料仍然可以作为参考及阅读。According to the latest information on September 4 2014, Taipei Pighome has now changed its name to QTaipei which is legal. You can still book rooms with the following information as room designs remains the same.

Chinese & English Reviews



台北豬窩套房不是民宿 ,也不是酒店。它是把整套套房租給您哦!

台北豬窩位於台北京站購物商場樓上,離台北車站(捷運) 、 台北台鐵火車站以及台北搞鐵站都非常靠近~

其實要到達台北豬窩,一點都不難。筆者可以教您最簡單的方法,那就是到了台北京站,直接找 N.Y Bagels 或 Starbucks (兩者都在彼此隔壁,超好找)就可以了! 套房樓下還附有保安管理處,故非常安全 (但他們並不是台北豬窩的負責人或管理處,因此不提供給台北豬窩的住客使用喔~~),還有防火設備呢!每一間套房都有安全鎖和設備。





重要信息:因為有大量的客人在讀完此部落格的資料就留言訂房,想在此澄清一下這裡不是台北豬窩的負責人在管治的網站,所以懇請大家不要在此部落格留言訂房哦,請直接email 或打给他們(資料詳情已經附在下方)。

地址:(京站日租地址)台北市中正區市民大道一段211號 (台北轉運站華陰街出口J3樓上) 。如果搭計程車,請告訴計程車司機以上的地址。在這裡下車不僅比較方便,而且也比較靠近台北豬窩。下車後,台北豬窩就在對面的公寓式住宅。

訂房熱線:0974242361 (海外熱線撥打方式:+886 974242361)

LINE APP ID: etpig



以上是2014年5月30日更新的最新聯絡方式。 大寶有交代說Email的話,回覆會比較慢哦!因為他們實在是太多email要回了,所以請大家見諒了。Email時,他們會叫你填寫一張表格提供訂房要用的資料以及輸入介紹人,介紹人有需要的話,可以填我這裡的網址:fangshiushiu.wordpress.com/新加坡Fiona 。(這是友善的信息提供,請大家不要拿小妹我的名字在別處濫用哦~也請你們放心,要你們填寫表格裡的介紹人一欄絕對不是因 為我在收佣金回扣哈哈哈。這完全是因為太多人在詢問該填寫誰,所以才在此提供。其次,也是因為豬窩的套房環境皆屬較尤雅寧靜,因此為了不造成其他住戶的困 擾以及他們在面對太多陌生人時的擔憂,豬窩現在已經改為租給曾經有租過套房的客人以及他們介紹的人。所以填寫表格可幫助他們了解了解哦)

如果有LINE app的話,請搜尋他們的聯絡方式/暱稱:etpig


价格: NT 1750~3680

English introduction about Pighome for your convenience (Please see Pighome’s new contact details for 2014 below)

Taipei Pighome is a series of condominium-style service apartments that’s located above Q Square Shopping Mall. It is usually recommended by word-of-mouth/friends hence they do not have a website. It is conveniently connected to various transportation such as Taipei Main Station MRT, Taipei High Speed Rail (HSR), Taipei Railway (TRA) as well as a coach/bus terminal where you can take coaches to travel out to the rest of the country. There’s also several taxi stands. Q Square Shopping Mall itself is quite a high class shopping centre (There’s an Agnes b cafe located on level one along with Starbucks, NY Bagels and Swarovski), thus you do not need to worry about the surrounding/facilities being rundown or dangerous.


There’s 24 hours security in the building. Rooms are equipped with CCTV facilities, electronic lock function, a balcony where you can enjoy pool view or scenic views of the surroundings, a small open concept kitchen that comes with fridge, cooker and basic utensils, as well as a washing machine which is very convenient if you are the type of travelers who need to wash clothes when travelling overseas (in case you do not know, washing powder is also provided!) except for the economy rooms which are cheaper. Pighome’s rooms can accommodate 2, 4 and 6 people, hence they are suitable for families and large group of friends who want to stay together.  Breakfast is not provided since there’s already an abundance of dining options and convenience stores downstairs and inside the shopping mall. Housekeeping are carried out on alternate days of the week instead of everyday, hence if you need housekeeping to be done, do check with the person in charge when they will be coming. Basic toiletries such as towels, hand soap, shampoo and shower gels, dental floss and cotton buds are provided. Toothbrushes, toothpastes, shavers and combs are not provided though, as their main aim is to keep the environment green and reduce wastage. Thus, it’s advisable that you bring your own toiletries. For colder days, there’s even a warmer thing in the bathroom which you can turn on to keep yourself warm while bathing in the toilet.

One thing to note though, it’s a normal office hours business/service. Pighome staff will be off duty after office hours around 7pm. Hence, if you are arriving in the evening, do inform them so they have someone around in office to wait for your arrival. If you need anything from them, please try to do so before office hours end. You may also want to find out from them how to contact them in case there’s an emergency or if you need help in the middle of the night (eg. being locked out of the room due to entering incorrect pin code on the security lock (pighome staff actually change the pin code for each room whenever a new guest check in) or losing the keys etc).


One good thing about Pighome’s location is that you can reach the location easily, even from the airport. It’s right smack in the middle of Taipei where you can move around very easily with all the different types of transportation available here. All you need to do is just take a coach from the airport terminal and make sure that you tell the ticket seller upfront that your end destination is Taipei Bus Station or Taipei Main Station Mrt/HSR/TRA. Of course, the most direct way is to tell them you want to go to Q Square Shopping Mall (台北京站).

Pighome is about 5-10 mins walk from the Taipei Main Station MRT station. If you have difficulties looking for Pighome, an easy way will be to look out for directions to Q Square and then focus on getting to Starbucks/NY Bagels at Level 1. (I have tried doing it many times whenever I am in Taipei and this is by far the quickest way to Pighome). Waiting place for Pighome staff to pick you up is usually outside Starbucks/NY Bagels at level one of Qsquare.

When booking, it is best to include a pick up time as well as call at least 1 hour or 30 mins beforehand so that staff can be arranged to pick you up from the waiting area as sometimes they are out of office. From what I know, their office is in another building, thus they will need around 5-10 mins to walk over to meet you. Check in time is usually 4 pm. If you are going to arrive early, please let the person know when you book the rooms so that they can arrange for you to put your luggage in the room or office earlier. Broadband/Wifi is available in all rooms.

If there’s anything you need to know, it is advisable that you ask them before completing all the booking procedures. Instructions on how to get to Pighome will be provided once booking is completed. You can also let them know if you need a temporary local prepaid sim card while you are in Taipei. Other services include airport transfers and local 1 day tours by cab/van or cars.


Payment can be completed via Paypal. Based on past experiences, they will send a paypal payment link to your email once you have confirmed the booking. Payment is usually 50% of the total payment + NT1000 deposit fee (this will be returned to you when you check-out. If you paid through Paypal, it will be credited back to your card. Likewise, if you have paid by cash, they will return in cash too). Payment can be paid in full as well. Please note that you will need to pay the balance in CASH when you check in if you only paid the 50% and deposit on Paypal previously. If you intend to pay via credit card or debit card, it’s advisable to do it at least 1 week before you arrive as they do not accept cards on the spot.


In case your itinerary changes, you may choose to cancel at least 15 days (based on my past experience) before arrival or postpone and keep your reservations for the next 3 months. For exact and latest information, please check with Pighome directly. 🙂

Checking out procedures

If you have paid the compulsory booking deposit of NT1000 by credit card/paypal, you can actually simply leave after leaving the keys in the room’s designated key holder. However, if you have paid the deposit in cash, please call the staff at least 45 mins or 1 hour in advance and tell them the time you are leaving so they can pass you back the deposit and collect the room/lift keys. Just a reminder, if you are actually catching an early flight out of Taiwan before office hours, do remember to let the staff know when you check in and make the necessary arrangements. They do provide cab/transport services to the airport at a fee.

Address and Contact Details

Address: No. 211, Section 1, Shimin Blvd, Taipei Bus Station
Taipei Q Square Mall (Taipei Main Station Area)
Datong District
Taipei City, Taiwan 103
(If taking taxi, please ask them to let you alight at this address. Pighome’s service
apartment is in the opposite building)
Exclusive booking hotline: 0974242361 (+886 974242361 when dialling from outside of Taipei)
Line App ID: etpig
Official Website: NIL
Email: happyema2008@gmail.com (Please look for person-in-charge, Da Bao)

For booking through email, you will be required to fill in a form as well as state who recommended you. If needed, you can fill in fangshiushiu.wordpress.com (Fiona from Singapore). However, please do not use the blog/name for other uses ya. You may like to know that this is not for any commission purposes. This is solely because Pighome operates on a past-tenant recommendation and word-of-mouth recommendation style. This is to avoid renting the house to unruly long-term & short-term tenants/guests who may disturb the peaceful and quiet environment as well as surrounding neighbours/office tenants. Therefore, this is to just to help them screen through all bookings.

Price Range: NT 1750~3680

P.S: Suggest to book at least 2 – 3 months before date of travel to secure rooms as Pighome’s booking enquiries are very high.

Important Information:

This is only a blog review~we do not accept any room reservations via this blog as it does not belong to Taipei Pighome. For room reservations, kindly email or call Taipei Pighome directly.

Below room pictures are just for reference. For complete list of room designs, please enquire directly from Pighome.











Note: Pighome’s Staff are not the blog owners.

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