Miaoli Strawberries Delight~苗栗採草莓必玩必看必吃

29 Apr


說到草莓就令人想到苗栗, 因為苗栗的草莓園最出名



由於網站文章上有時會有所更新並導致網站鏈接不再存在, 請嘗試點擊這裡前往原文 http://tw10050.tw.tranews.com/

為求方便, 您也可以在此下載 PDF 版本 taiwan strawberries 哦!

10 Responses to “Miaoli Strawberries Delight~苗栗採草莓必玩必看必吃”

  1. blessed homemaker July 19, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    We are planning to visit Dahu strawberry farm. Do you have any recommendation?

    • fangshiushiu July 20, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

      hello!! i would recommend 滿意草莓農場! So far, i feel this is the most reasonably priced. You can refer to http://www.dahu.com.tw/manyi/ for more information.

      Prices are cheap. You are Singaporean right? for those handpicked ones, 1kg of strawberries cost NT 200 which is around SGD 8.90(conversion rate divide by 22.4). they also have a lot of ready picked strawberries which costs like 3 kg for NT 250 depending on grade of strawberries. Strawberries can be eaten with condensed milk, honey or chocolate sauce. they sell these in small tubes. I will email you some pics.🙂

  2. blessed homemaker July 20, 2012 at 6:01 pm #

    Thank you for your prompt reply. There’re simply too many farms, don’t know which one to go to. I’ll just shortlist your suggestion and ask our driver to drive us there. I googled and read that the PYO season genearlly starts from Dec. We’ll be there mid Nov, I hope there’ll be strawberries for us to pick.

    For this trip, we’ll not be staying in miaoli. our focus will be in taichung and cj.

    • fangshiushiu July 20, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

      Actually november also have strawberries. some farms plant them earlier than the rest so you still can get strawberries in november. along manyi strawberry farm, there is still a stretch of other strawberry farms as well. manyi strawberry farm don’t have any entrance fees, you just pick and pay for the strawberries so do be aware of some farms which may require you to pay a fee per pax. usually they can be quite expensive.

      yeah, there are many nice attractions in taichung and cj. enjoy your trip!🙂

  3. blessed homemaker September 7, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    A friend who has stayed in Taiwan for 2 years told me that the locals wont eat strawberries from Dahu because they are overloaded with pesticides. Have you heard?

    • fangshiushiu September 7, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

      Hello!! ^_^ yup they usually spray pesticides but nowadays technology is so advanced that they have upgraded to organic pesticides and fertilizers which are safe and will dissipate after two or three days. Miaoli is generally infested with lots of mosquitoes, not the usual kind you see in Singapore. They are so small and sometimes you cannot even see them at all. These are known as 小黑吻、小金剛. I have just came back from Taiwan two weeks ago, been bitten badly by these. So I guess it’s really quite necessary to spray some pesticides. Do remember to bring some insect prevention spray and mopiko. Locals I know told me they actually only spray during key periods, not all the time. I have eaten alot of them and they are very fresh. Must eat within first two days as once pluck they will turn rotten fast. These types usually indicate they do not contain pesticides. Probably you can bring some salt with you and soak them in salt water first before eating. ^_^

    • fangshiushiu September 7, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

      By the way, there are actually no strawberries on the farms now due to the recent rain and typhoon in august. All I see are just mud and everywhere the farms and fields are closed. Hopefully they will be in time for season in November.🙂 followed your blog~that’s alot of food recipes~nice. Gonna get some ideas from ur blog.

  4. blessed homemaker October 19, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    Thanks again for all your replies.

    I have shortlisted 2 organic farms in Miaoli. One owner I checked with said it might be tough for PYO in mid Nov. Nevertheless, will call owner before we go so we won’t make an empty trip.

    I’m just a novice in cooking/baking, hope to learn from fellow bloggers.

    • fangshiushiu October 19, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

      Hello~glad to know that you have already short listed some farms. Hope you have fun!

      I just came back from there in end August. There are a few pretty interesting places to visit in Miaoli too. Not sure if you have heard about them. Probably if there are no strawberries, you can consider visiting some of these places. Below are some places I visited in August in two days.🙂

      苗栗景點 消費 備註

      鯉魚潭 無 臨近景色 山那邊。綠葉方舟 (三義) NT100 可以全額折抵消費 勝興火車站(三義) 無 非常靠近向陽田園民宿的附近 集元裕糕餅鄉童玩村(三義) 無 不需要入門費,但DIY費用須付NT100 漫步雲端.紅色古堡(三義) NT100 可以全額折抵消費 龍騰斷橋(三義) 無 臨近景色 天空之城(大湖) NT100 可以全額折抵消費 滿意草莓農庄(大湖,之前去過的那間) 無 一斤的草莓是NT200 草莓文化館 / 大湖酒莊 無 臨近景點 苑裡老街(苑裡) 無 老街 藺草文化館(苑裡) 無 需導覽的話,需付NT30 灣麗磚瓦文物館(苑裡) NT100 山腳國小日式宿舍群(苑裡) 無 南庄遊 公車 有一系列的景點可看 南庄相遇。森林屋 主題景點 童話般の秘密花園.山芙蓉 (南庄) NT150 主題咖啡館和園區(我們的民宿隔壁!) 獅潭仙山仙草(獅潭鄉) 看你叫什麼 有名的小吃店 – 多種仙草美食 薰衣草森林~(苗栗,頭屋鄉) NT200 橄欖樹民宿附近 (入門券可折抵消費)

      Haha~I saw your baking blog, how can you be just a novice~you baked so many interesting things!😛

      Cheers, Fiona

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